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Jasmine Blake Hollywood, MS, HHP


Jasmine is a Graduate Student in the MS of Clinical Nutrition at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner granted by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is also a licensed caterer, registered ServSafe Exam Proctor, and certified Food Safety InstructorShe began college for the second time, earning 1 semester of the culinary trade, 2 years of leadership and management training, and a B.A. in Psychology (concentration in Health and Fitness). All her learning is regionally accredited; and in addition, she has also maintained high honors academic performance throughout her entire degree programs.

Jasmine is also a beginning author, creating motivational self-help E-programs and print books that enable people to complete their wellness goals. She has written 90 Days of Inspiration, 'My Life Organized' series My Meal Planner, as well as, My Thought Journal and many other wellness programs. She is currently focusing on a new book that focuses on autoimmune thyroid nutrition.

Autoimmune and   Thyroid

Many years ago, Jasmine suffered from severe health issues resulting in multiple diagnoses.  The diagnoses were both Grave's disease and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. She also had a partial thyroidectomy and radioactive treatment years later when the surgery didn't work. Her inconclusive results motivated her to begin schooling in nutrition and begin graduate research on autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune Thyroid Disease is one of her primary focus areas, along with other areas of concern, she focuses on the root cause of what nutritional problems could be the culprit in others lives.

Clinical  Nutrition

Medical Nutrition Therapy is accomplished through a Functional and Integrative Approach!


Integrative Nutrition focuses on the whole person. With an in-depth assessment and analysis of one's lifestyle, personality, mind and mental well being, diet, and health habits; an Integrative Practitioner can nutritionally diagnose a client with either a nutritional deficiency or excess that has caused the body to spiral out of control.  


Integrative Nutritionists do NOT medically diagnose disease. Instead, we focus on using informed clinical evidence through the National Library of Medicine and other evidence-informed resources to achieve answers that bring about optimal health and healing through lifestyle change, food, and other dietary needs


Functional Nutritionists identify and address underlying problems that could be associated with already diagnosed (by your physician) disease states. Jasmine's primary goal is to use a systems-oriented approach by focusing on interactions between a person's environmental influences and their GI, endocrine, and immune systems as they relate to healing in regard to their emotions and nutritional intake.


As a certified ServSafe Food Protection Manager Professional with the ability to teach and proctor ServSafe exams, Jasmine uses her 20 + years of experience as a food expert, to continue to push an area of nutrition that most people often ignore. She earned her professional experience by working in fast-casual restaurants, clubs, quick service restaurants, bar grills, catering at churches, preparing food for live TV networks with friends, catering private home events, catering corporate businesses, and also by cooking in the home along with attending professional culinary school. ​

Through learning and experience in the restaurant industry, Jasmine gained the capability to teach business owners and employees the ins and outs of every corner of managing and owning their own food establishment. HACCP, FDA regulations, and food politics are just one avenue she explores. She sits one-on-one with students ensuring they understand in-depth what it takes to control food temperature, how to prepare foods, and keep food safe.

Her role as a food expert has given her unlimited access to food industry trends that play a large role in nutrition. These access points include (but are not limited to): production and distribution of refined and processed foods, how these types of food affect the population in prevalence and incidence of disease, and how to nutritionally diagnose nutritional deficiencies and excesses due to these patterns.






AADP: Certification #39163904

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