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Changing is a time of discovery, to have a chance to make a difference, that will enable you,

to find out who you truly are, and...  to help you... get from where you are today,

to where you want to be tomorrow!"

Who Is She Really?


Jasmine is a licensed dietitian nutritionist, board certified nutrition specialist, certified peer recovery specialist, an ordained minister, and founder of True Paleo Inc.'s Discover Your Greatest Self. She lives a Paleolithic lifestyle and uses her dietary expertise, authorship, and motivational speaking skills to encourage individuals with lived trauma to make better lifestyle choices.



She currently works for the community doing ministerial work, helping to improve the lives of underrepresented, underserved, and socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals that suffer from endocrine diseases, trauma, chronic SUD, and other mental health conditions by assisting them in areas of their lives that can be the most challenging. Here, she works on the front line with real people who are unable to utilize nutrition practices due to hardship. Jasmine teaches them how to live in balance using holistic approaches that are low cost and can be easily applied to their lifestyles.



food concepts _ Jasmine Blake _ Nutritionist Tampa _ Discover Your Greatest Self