Changing is a time of discovery, to have a chance to make a difference, that will enable you,

to find out who you truly are, and...  to help you... get from where you are today,

to where you want to be tomorrow!"

Who Am I Really?

My name is Jasmine Blake Hollywood, a doctoral student in Clinical Nutrition, Certified Nutrition Specialist, lives the Paleo Lifestyle, is a Diet Expert, Speaker and Author.

I've suffered from autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) for twenty years and have dedicated my advanced studies to researching the areas of life that can be the most challenging.


We all have struggles, and I've had my share of experiences. Early in life, I became severely ill as a result of trying to cope with traumatic stress (adverse childhood events (ACEs) and negative life events (NLEs)). My immune system was out of control and medications did not seem to help. In my 20-year span of having chronic AITD, physicians diagnosed me with both Graves's disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis.



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Along the way, and out of curiosity, I pursued nutrition education, and I created the Discover Your Greatest Self website. I wanted to create a place where I could combine the principles of what I was learning with positive lifestyle change strategies.

Why Discover Your Greatest Self Nutrition?

The primary focus of Discover Your Greatest Self is to help people feel confident about their lifestyles and making new choices. Why? Because Choices Are our Greatest Emotional Deterrent, and we choose our relationships.


Health effects of traumatic stress, such as abuse, are well documented in medical literature. ACEs, NLEs, poor lifestyles, toxic environments, and choosing negative relationships can interfere with immune health and metabolic processes, increasing the risk of autoimmune diseases. This is most common amongst people who've suffered from ACEs and NLEs. In addition to physical wellbeing, traumatic stress affects our physical body, and it can also affect our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. With clinical nutrition practices as a healthy alternative, people can improve their body's biological processes, maintain spiritual wellness, and extend longevity.


My chosen research topics of study during my doctoral studies are digestive nutrition, thyroid and weight loss, anti-aging and skin health, alcohol dependence, and spiritual nutrition. These topics encompass ACEs and NLEs. Using these methods, I aim to help people understand their experiences in relation to their health and show them how to break free from their CAGE!


One way I do this is by devoting myself to finding the best Paleolithic evidence-based research on natural ways to manage diet and lifestyle. The Paleo lifestyle not only utilizes natural food sources as an approach, but also uses basic methods to incorporate exercise and maintaining a positive lifestyle with spirituality. The Paleo lifestyle can be achieved through Personalized Nutrition to help reduce the long-term effects of ACEs and NLEs, and improve overall health.


What can I do for you?

When living a challenging life full of poor choices, your body can experience emotional distress. This leads to negative perceptions, which then lead to disease and a short lifespan.




Coastal Vibes is made from a unique blend of specific ingredients. Spices are not only full of flavor, but have been scientifically proven to support many biological functions.



Living a Paleo lifestyle can sometimes be boring. Here, you can get free sauce recipes to keep your meals interesting and videos to help you maintain your dietary practices.




I write nutrition blogs articles, provide the EatItUP Weekly Journal, and author guides, books, video courses, and conduct literature reviews on how diet, nutrition, and lifestyle factors affect our longevity.

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