Changing is a time of discovery, to have a chance to make a difference, that will enable you,

to find out who you truly are, and...  to help you... get from where you are today,

to where you want to be tomorrow!"

Who Am I Really?

My name is Jasmine Blake Hollywood, Clinical Nutritionist Intern, Holistic Health Coach, and Thyroid Nutrition Author.


I've suffered from autoimmune thyroid disease for 20 years and am still researching this condition while remaining loyal to finding out how I can help people with thyroid conditions live an enhanced quality of life.


My story is tough. So, I'll keep it short. When I was younger, I used to be a confused unwell girl. I worked in bars and restaurants for most of my life; not living a healthy lifestyle. During that time I became physically, mentally, and emotionally ill. My body was out of control and medications did not seem to help. In my 20 year span of having chronic autoimmune thyroid disease, I was diagnosed with both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Both diagnoses were autoimmune types. This means I experienced both Graves's disease and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

While working in the food and beverage industry for 20 years, living my life wasn't easy; as living life never is. I had access to all kinds of poor choices of foods and drinks - all the time. I used these items to deal with my stresses, fears, and moods. It wasn't until I began changing my way of thinking about food, changing what I was eating, and changing the way I was viewing food when I began to notice some positive outcomes.

Along the way and out of curiosity, I pursued nutrition education and I decided to create the Discover Your Greatest Self nutritional website. Discover Your Greatest Self is a place where I can help people like you that have similar situations like mine. In other words, I wanted to create a place where I could combine the principles of what I was learning with lifestyle change strategies. With respect to the medical industry, I also wanted to create a new way of integrating health practices to effectively manage a condition that rarely gets nutritional attention from the medical field. This way I could align the values of the nutrition industry alongside the values of the medical industry. Thus, working hand-in-hand as a group that includes you, me, and your physician.


Achieving many awards during my time at universities was not enough. I needed to experience this change for myself. So, I practiced on myself in many different ways, alongside my physician's advice. I began integrating nutritional practices and lifestyle change strategies into my life. From then on I managed my condition successfully and was able to reduce my medications and improve my health status.


After studying computers and electronics, psychology and fitness, culinary and leadership, and health coaching and clinical nutrition, I finally achieved my master's degree. I thought it would be great to go all the way and get a doctoral degree to continue my thyroid research. This was essential in order for me to create the finest nutritional support program available for people with thyroid disease. Like me, I am sure you are ready to begin making changes and learn exactly what it takes to make you feel better. Because seriously, let's face the facts, a person who feels better just lives better!

Why Discover Your Greatest Self Nutrition?

The primary focus of Discover Your Greatest Self is to help people with hyperthyroid or hypothyroid conditions improve biological processes and maintain optimal health by using detoxification principles, low carb strategies, behavioral lifestyle changes, and gut health concepts.


Nutritional lifestyle strategies are 100% what we need to do to maintain an enhanced quality of life when experiencing thyroid conditions. It is too often that the nutritional component of thyroid issues is ignored. Not only should thyroid nutrition be combined with your physician's medication plan, but it should also be used as a tool to monitor your energy balance. When your energy balance is off, your metabolism is also off, and this controls the outcomes of many of the body's processes (like weight, feelings of hot or cold, menstrual cycle, or how tired you feel). 


The Confident CAGED Protocol nutrition program uses 15% detoxification principles, 25% low carb strategies, 35% behavioral lifestyle change, and 25% gut health concepts; equalling a 100% effective way to Discover Your Greatest Self!



Detoxification Principles


Behavioral Lifestyle Change




Low Carb Strategies


Gut Health Concepts


What can I do for you?

When living with an illness like autoimmune thyroid disease, even when you are on medication, your body can experience flare-ups. This can be a sudden burst of weight gain, general malaise, fatigue, a sudden burst of energy, an odd skin rash, aches and pains, sudden cold or hot sensitivities, or even restless nights with no sleep. There are certain foods and lifestyle routines that can ease these flare-ups and keep them to a minimum.

Personal Health Coach


I am known as an accountability and confidence nutritionist, well-versed in gut, immune, and thyroid health, with an emphasis on how to help people understand autoimmune thyroid disease, and how to manage it through nutritional practices.


CAGED Protocol


The Confident CAGED Protocol focuses on detoxification principles, low carb strategies, behavioral lifestyle change, and gut health concepts. This nutrition program can help you learn about your thyroid condition step-by-step while learning ways to effectively manage their quality of life. 

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Thyroid Nutrition Books


I write e-books, create journals, and handouts to help develop your level of understanding about thyroid conditions while teaching you the value of why nutrition is an effective tool for managing your condition.

Free Tools & Wellness Blog


Discover Your Greatest Self offers free tools and keeps you informed through the weekly blog about thyroid health, detoxing principles,  low carb strategies, behavior lifestyle change, gut health concepts, other health topics, and health advocacy.