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Pumpkin Soup




"Changing is a time of discovery, to have a chance to make a difference, that will enable you,

to find out who you truly are, and...  to help you... get from where you are today,

to where you want to be tomorrow!"

Who Is She Really?

Professional Credentials

Jasmine is a clinical nutrition doctor, and a licensed dietitian-nutritionist, board-certified nutrition specialist, certified recovery peer specialist, a certified ordained minister, and the founder of True Paleo Inc. and Discover Your Greatest Self programs. She believes in the indigenous peoples life, also referred to as the Paleolithic lifestyle and uses her dietary expertise, authorship, and motivational speaking skills to encourage individuals with lived trauma to make better lifestyle choices.


What She Does

Jasmine currently engages in community development by helping to improve the lives of individuals suffering from autoimmune disease, trauma, and below-average income who are unable to resource nutrition therapy and healthy practices due to nutrition knowledge deficit and economic hardship.

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