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About Anti-Inflame Seasoning Blend

Written by: Jasmine Blake; Sept 3rd, 2019


The immune system is the first line of defense inside the human body. Inflammation is triggered when the body becomes injured in some sort of way. This injury can occur either by tearing through the skin, bruising underneath the skin, or the body can sustain injury from the inside. For example, a person could eat something spicey and this could cause an inflammatory response in the gut, leaving the gut inflamed.


When the gut is inflamed the lining of the gut becomes vulnerable, and when this happens particles of food and bacteria can get into the bloodstream. The reason why the immune system is called to fight is that the body doesn't understand that these food particles are merely food. Other times the bacteria and other invaders use the flow of the bloodstream to get to other places in the body, where they shack up. This process can ultimately cause an additional response from the immune system. Thus, the immune system becomes uncontrollable. 


When the immune system is uncontrolled, diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune thyroid disease, Crohn's disease, celiac disease, and other diseases begin to manifest. For these diseases to improve, reverse, or remit, a person must get their immune system under control, and stop the inflammation from occurring. While medication is the preferred route, for these diseases to heal completely, people need to eat anti-inflammatory foods to aid the medications in their healing process.


Anti-inflammatory foods are foods that either calm inflammation or do not cause irritation to the gut lining. Some of these foods have healing properties that go beyond the gut. Meaning once these foods have been chemically reduced to nutrients, the nutrients move into the body's cells where they can be utilized. Therefore, below are scientific articles that evaluate the science, long history, and use of ingredients in practice. The body can use these specific ingredients to add strength to weakened areas, which helps the immune system essentially calm down. If certain anti-inflammatory foods are combined, they can have a powerful healing effect throughout the body; while trying to prevent disease or use them in combination with medications.


Anti-Inflame Seasoning Blend is a special blend of specific ingredients that can aid the body in healing. Its main ingredient is Turmeric. I love to cook with Turmeric to add color. Turmeric is also known as Curcumin/Curcuma. (Rahmani, Alsahli, Aly, Khan, & Aldebasi, 2018). It helps with lowering cholesterol, aids in liver function, aids in gallbladder function, and immune function. (Gladstar, 2012). It is also a powerful antioxidant, as well. (Gladstar, 2012). Tumeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects. (Rahmani et al., 2018). As well, it helps fight colds, flu, and coughs. (Gladstar, 2012). Turmeric also has been known to aid in fighting different kinds of cancer, arthritis. (Gladstar, 2012).


Garlic is another ingredient used in Anti-Inflame Seasoning Blend. Garlic seems to be a treatment option for everything. It is known for healing colds, flu, sore throats, and sluggish digestion. (Gladstar, 2012). Garlic is an anti-inflammatory herb. (Arreola, Quintero-Fabián, López-Roa, Flores-Gutiérrez, Reyes-Grajeda, Carrera-Quintanar, & Ortuño-Sahagún, 2015). Also, it promotes the production of WBC and is an immune booster. (Gladstar, 2012). Garlic improves cholesterol and also lowers blood pressure. (Gladstar, 2012). It has antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties that help fight against infectious disease, as well. (Gladstar, 2012). Garlic’s microbial properties work mainly by way of supporting the respiratory system. It works well with Eninacea and will support natural bacteria while ridding the body of pathogenic organisms. (Hoffman, 1998).


Other ingredients in this blend that have clinical studies to stand behind them are ginger, paprika, and onions. Ginger is known to help settle an upset gut, and both garlic and ginger have anti-inflammatory healing properties. Paprika is ground bell peppers that are known to be extremely high in vitamin C. Onions have Quercitin, which is known to help absorb vitamin C, and vitamin C helps also helps strengthen the immune system. 



Whether you use this seasoning or just eat your own blend of these ingredients, know that you'll feel better in the long run!



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