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How I Live with

Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

Getting diagnosed with any condition isn't easy for anyone. Physicians are trained in a way to collect evidence to appropriately diagnose a patient. Many times what occurs is we doubt our physicians or believe them explicitly. However, we never turn to our lab work to find the answers, which is presented right in front of us for us to read.


No one person really wants to admit that they have a condition if they cannot see the physical impact of it. Getting diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease is merely the beginning. This silent-but-deadly disease slowly impacts your life over time, taking a toll on your physical state and your psychological status. Eventually, leading to a life of dismay.


I was first diagnosed in 2003, which is way too young for the amount of information to sink in, that doctors give you. Five years later, I was diagnosed again, both times with Graves' disease. The third time I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I was diagnosed three times before I finally realized the severity of my condition. I am sure this happens to many other people as well. 

In researching my condition, I was able to find too much information everywhere. It was always the same inform nation and never gave me the information I needed. It was also inconsistent and spread throughout the web. Many of my findings were contradictory, which causes confusion for people trying to find real answers. 

After doing my own lab tests, I found out that I had all three thyroid antibodies. Yes! I had both Graves' Disease and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis antibodies. So, did I have two diseases or one? I was quite confused. Although the reports and results I had in my possession could prove this, I felt like the physicians just cared about giving me more medication and not really were focused on reversing my condition. So, I called every past physician I had and requested a copy of my record. I even visited the hospital and retrieved as much information as I could from as far back as I could get it. 


I in my record I saw that I had also had both a partial thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine. I always knew about my surgery but was naive to what had actually happened.  Even with all this information, I still was unlucky and wasn't getting any results!


It wasn't until 3-4 years later that the Graves' disease began to finally subside but then my body crossed to the other side of the spectrum. I technically already had Hashimoto's antibodies prior to my third diagnosis and was already autoimmune prior to these treatments. So, I concluded that I had one condition, but scientists couldn't figure it out so they gave it two different names.

Now I am no medical physician, nor am I an Endocrinology specialist, but how is it that through eight difference doctors that none of them were successful? I tried something new, something that was frowned upon, and made fun of by most... and voila! I reversed my antibodies by 1/2  in nearly three months. I got back on board with aa great endocrinologist and explained to her what doctors couldn't do in nearly 15 years, I was able to do in 3 months. We put a plan together and in less than a year, I am near remission!!!

I had tried many techniques to achieve wellness and optimal health, and research has taught me many things. So, after struggling with weight, my emotions, keratosis pillars, addiction, and a constant imbalance of energy, I finally was able to learn how to treat myself. 

I have personally met other health practitioners that had this disease and have successfully managed to reverse it. The thing is no one person is the same and their whole body works individually like a fingerprint. When physicians give you medicine it works to an extent because it is meant to the same thing no matter what the individual is taking it, meaning it may work better for one person more than the next. People need to do additional health measures to help the body and the medicines work appropriately, to eventually wean off and heal themselves!


That's why I turned to lifestyle and nutrition. Once we figure out how our own bodies function as a whole, then we can begin to heal ourselves.

I am living proof that anyone can start from the bottom and make it anywhere, and can literally say to 9 out of 10 people, “I’ve been there, done that.” So, the struggle that most of you are going through is real and I’ve experienced it myself.


Want to hear more about how I've been in your shoes? Click on the DYGStory Podcast Studio to hear more about my experiences with nutrition vs disease. 

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