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CAGED Talks Campaign

When you donate to the CAGED Talks Campaign, your donation helps fund the medical nutrition therapy initiative, thereby contributing to the Clinical Research program. When you book one speaking engagement, your organization has the opportunity to provide someone with FREE medical nutrition therapy and contribute to ongoing research.  Your support not only enhances their understanding of health but also strengthens our industry research efforts.

Book a Webinar or Speech

Bookings may be scheduled up to a year in advance. Please use the form to book below.


To preview a specific talk prior to making a reservation, please get in touch with us using the email link in the page footer or through the booking form. We offer free monthly sample webinars for each topic, which showcase key aspects of the full discussion. These live webinars serve as educational resources for the community and provide potential donors with insights into True Paleo Inc's expertise. 


In-Person Live Speeches: The cost to book in-person speeches is $500.00 remuneration for speaking. Out-of-state booking costs are negotiated and includes economy travel (ground and airfare), to and from the event venue location, hotel fee for the duration of the event, and per diem of $69.00 per day.

Virtual Webinar Speeches: $230.00 per hour (1 hour speaking time, including the authoring and designing of the presentation). This covers the in-kind donation that supports someone with personalized medical nutrition therapy.

Speaking Engagement Guide

September 20, 2023

Aligning Chakras

Private Event: Virtual Live Presentation

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