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Education Overview

Discover Your Greatest Self lifestyle recovery program is support group class that serves the Tampa Bay area. We aim to serve as many students with online access, with this course of instruction.  

Course instruction occurs online, monthly, and is a 4-week ongoing course. 

Course is taught online using secure Zoom platform.


Cost to attend: FREE

Courses are taught by a qualified Ordained Minister, licensed dietitian/nutritionist, certified nutrition specialist, and recovery peer specialist.


Our lifestyle recovery focuses on trauma and stress, chemical dependency, and behavioral lifestyle change.



This course reviews how traumatic and extremely stressful negative life events lead to chronic illness and increases risk for food and plant addiction. Topics covered are relationship building, smart goals, self-care, the healing presence, spirituality and faith, beliefs and perceptions, forgiveness, and storytelling.



Food education, such as creating your plate, preserving foods without storage, easy and simple cooking, cooking without a kitchen, access to low cost healthy foods, healing the body without a stove, and reading food labels are also covered in this course.


"Learn how to self-heal by using body-mind-spirit techniques."




This is an ONGOING bi-monthly course over a period of 1 month (3 classes). Once all spots are filled, tickets will close and they will not open again until the next round. You must attend the first class to attend the other classes or your ticket will be revoked.




When we teach lifestyle recovery skills to people that have experienced trauma, we use peer-facilitators to serve our online students. Peer Recovery Specialists are essential for this course!




It can be challenging for traumatized, underrepresented, and socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals to afford these services. In fact, most victims that have experienced complex trauma become indigent due to these events, and successful recovery comes from being with peers who have had similar experiences. Therefore, we offer this service FREE of charge!

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