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Donate today to help Discover Your Greatest Self raise $300 to support 4 families to have a charitable Holiday Easter Dinner!


When we give away holiday meals, we teach people how to give back to their community.  


Discover Your Greatest Self provides holiday meals for socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals. Not everyone is as lucky to have the perfect job, perfect home, or perfect life. Food is more than just about ending hunger. It's about nourishing meals that feed families and educating our community on proper food choices. That's why the holiday meals we donate are nutritious. Our movement to provide food security to people of low-income status makes nutritious food possible for tomorrow.


When you donate just $20.00, YOU can help someone receive these services and transform their life. However, a donation as low as $5.00 or as high as $100.00 doesn't define an individual's kindness. 


Improving the health of underrepresented, underserved, and socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals can help reduce the chronic endocrine disease, mental health illness, and substance use disorder epidemics.  


People with low-income who face hardship:

  • Have higher risk for food insecurity.

  • Are more likely to develop diabetes and advanced thyroid conditions, and are more prone to obesity.


As of 2022, Florida currently ranks number 10 for residents with the highest prevalence of Food Insecurity, and 8th for child food insecurity


People facing hunger in Florida are estimated to report needing $1.25 million dollars per year to meet their food needs.

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