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Platinum Standard Transparency

True Paleo, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by Discover Your Greatest Self. We have a regulated system of checks for our finances to ensure its organization is operated in a proper fiscal manner.


Annually, Discover Your Greatest Self will undergo a yearly financial statement audit. Through our Board of Directors, we draw upon financial management expertise to produce a thorough fiscal record to ensure a clean audit.


Information regarding donations and Board compensation is available to all donors and active members, and we welcome questions regarding our investments in our programs and services. We believe in platinum standard transparency. Please see the compensation for our executive officers positions listed below.

Board Compensation

Dr. J. B. Hollywood


Salary - $0

J. Hilinski

Education & VA

Salary - $0

Dr. M. Whitfield


Salary - $0

Dr. A.G. Kelly

P. R. Chair

Salary - $0

Dr. D. Hutchinson


Salary - $0


Grants & Funding

Salary - $0

D. Blake-Acevedo


Salary - $0

Lily Parsons

Marketing Officer

Salary - $0


Website Editor

Salary - $0

Dr. M. Smith

Research Compliance

Salary - $0

Financial Documents

To view our financial documents please login to your membership account. 

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