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The importance of portioning goes beyond how we conduct dietary practices in todays modern world. This FREE video will help you learn portion foods correctly.

Food Portioning 101


Clinical Nutrition: How to Portion is a diverse and dynamic video compared to other video content provided on health websites. In this video, I try to address the most relevant topics regarding food portioning, while keeping the perspective of portioning realistic. 

The most significant problem with learning to adopt a nutritious lifestyle is improper food tracking. Portioning your food incorrectly and poor tracking leads to inaccurate calorie counting. If you under-logging or over-logging calories, this can lead to false macronutrient percentages. When trying to lose weight, you want as few discrepancies in your tracking methods as possible.


In this video, you will learn to portion the easy way and properly. You will also gain knowledge of how to use a food journal app, learn how a kitchen scale can be beneficial, and understand how to visually assess the food portions on your plate when you are served. Finally, you will also gain an understanding of the difference in weighing certain foods, such as meats, vegetables, and fruits. 

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