Her Story


Jasmine has suffered from autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) for over twenty (20) years and during this time she also acquired several mental health conditions including: C-PTSD, OCPD, and periodic episodes of localized dissociative amnesia due to her past traumas. In addition, she previously developed SUD as a teen. Most people struggle with similar health challenges and find their interventions don't work and their practitioners neglect to add body-mind-spirit principles. She has dedicated her advanced studies to researching how medical nutrition therapy can be utilized to resolve and manage these conditions. 



We all have struggles, and Jasmine has had her share of experiences. Early in life, she became severely ill as a result of not knowing how to cope with her traumas. She experienced both adverse childhood events (ACEs) and negative life events (NLEs), repeatedly, for long periods of time. She did not know how to formally detox her life from this type of stress, and she resorted to using food and substances as a way to cope. The overload of her toxic lifestyle (psychological, environmental, and ingested toxins) caused her immune system to spin out of control and at age 17, Jasmine was diagnosed with chronic AITD. Later, several mental health conditions transpired.

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Health effects of traumatic stress, such as abuse, and substance use, are well documented in medical literature. ACEs, NLEs, and poor lifestyles evolving from toxic environments or relationships can interfere with immune health and metabolic processes, increasing the risk of autoimmune diseases. In addition to physical wellbeing, traumatic stress also affects our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Thus, many individuals that have experienced such traumas and toxic lifestyles are commonly diagnosed with mental health disorders. With clinical nutrition practices as a healthy alternative, people can improve their body's biological processes, maintain spiritual wellness, and extend longevity.