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Supporting Holiday Meals

Discover Your Greatest Self's program, Supporting Holiday Meals, provides nutritional Paleo-based holiday meals for socioeconomically disadvantaged single mother's with children, households with disabilities, or individuals who have veteran status.

Twice a year we give away 3 nutritious holiday meals to 3 individual families in need and plan 1 holiday event for 30-50 disabled veterans.

Nutritional Food Insecurity

Often, people who suffer from mental health disorders or people continually exposed to negative life events have complications securing nourishing food items. In the case of nutritional health, these individuals are uncertain of how to resource and secure healthy foods.


Food is not merely a means to alleviate hunger; it holds the power to nourish and sustain life. We believe in the importance of educating our community about making informed food choices and consuming nutritious meals. That's why the holiday meals we donate are thoughtfully crafted to ensure they are both satisfying and nourishing. Our ongoing mission to enhance food security for low-income and challenged individuals enables us to pave the way for a future where access to nutritious food is a reality for all.

Which holidays do we support?

  • Easter Sunday

  • Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Recipes.jpg

What are the qualifications?

Family Type

  • Must be a low-income family with either childrena disability, or be a veteran. 



  • To qualify, the family must be under the annual income threshold and able to provide proof of such status. The income thresholds for our partnering counties are listed below. 

Polk County​

  • 2 person limit = $12,100

  • 3 person limit = $13,600

  • 4 person limit = $15,100

  • 5 person limit = $16,350

  • 6 person limit = $17,550


  • 2 person limit = $13,800

  • 3 person limit = $15,500

  • 4 person limit = $17,200

  • 5 person limit = $18,600

  • 6 person limit = $20,000

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At our organization, we firmly believe in equal opportunities and are dedicated to treating all participants with utmost respect, dignity, and fairness. We maintain an inclusive environment that upholds the principles of non-discrimination, ensuring that our services are accessible and available to those in need. Our primary goal is to provide support to low-income single mother's with children, people with a disability, or individuals with veteran status addressing their unique circumstances and striving to make a positive difference in their lives. To ensure that our services reach the intended beneficiaries, our application process includes specific questions to gather relevant information. Please note that incomplete applications or those that do not meet the specified requirements will be regrettably ineligible.



If you are an homeless, mental health, or veteran organization looking for True Paleo Inc to support your holiday meal, please email and address the subject line: ATT Holiday Meals for an Organization.


We have a waiting list. Signing up as soon as possible is imperative for your family's welfare and ability to receive your holiday meal on time.

Program Related Guides

Our guides help you understand your recovery journey and implement it through Paleolithic practices.

Holiday Meal Cookbooks

Cooking Resources

Easter Recipes.jpg
Thanksgiving Recipes.jpg
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