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Festive Dinner

Supporting Holiday Meals

Discover Your Greatest Self provides holiday meals for socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals. Food is more than just about ending hunger. It's about nourishing meals that feed families and educating our community on proper food choices. That's why the holiday meals we donate are nutritious. Our movement to provide food security to people of low-income status makes nutritious food possible for tomorrow.


  • Easter Sunday

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day


To qualify, the family must be under the income threshold and able to provide proof of such status. The income thresholds for our partnering counties are listed below. 

Polk County

  • 1 person limit = $10,600

  • 2 person limit = $12,100

  • 3 person limit = $13,600

  • 4 person limit = $15,100

  • 5 person limit = $16,350

  • 6 person limit = $17,550


  • 1 person limit = $12,050

  • 2 person limit = $13,800

  • 3 person limit = $15,500

  • 4 person limit = $17,200

  • 5 person limit = $18,600

  • 6 person limit = $20,000


We have a waiting list.


Signing up as soon as possible is imperative for your family's welfare and ability to receive your holiday meal on time. Sign-ups must be completed and finalized 30 days prior to the actual holiday. Finalization may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. It is strongly recommended that sign-up occur 6-8-weeks prior to the holiday that the family wishes to apply for. Check below for upcoming holiday dates. 

2023 Calendar 

  • Easter Sunday is April 9th

  • Thanksgiving Day is November 24th

  • Christmas Day is Monday, December 25th

2024 Calendar 

  • Easter Sunday is March 31st

  • Thanksgiving Day is November 28th

  • Christmas Day is Wednesday, December 25th


Use the following form to sign-up for our next holiday meal. Someone from our organization will contact you within 1-2 weeks. 

Apply here to sign-up for the Supporting Holiday Meals program
Please UPLOAD documentation of proof of low income status. (PDF ONLY accepted, NO photos)
Upload PDF File of proof of income status here.
Which holiday meal are you interested in?
How will you receive your holiday meal?
You MUST live locally in the Tampa Bay area. "I live in ..."
You MUST provide proof of identity. (Photo ONLY)
Upload FRONT image file of proof of identity.
How large is your family?
How did you hear about us?