Jasmine Blake Hollywood

Food Expert & Nutritionist

Income-Based Wellness Program

$7 Health Coaching 

Contact me to see if you qualify!

The Income-Based Wellness Program is for people who are on a hardship and need health and nutritional coaching, but are unable to afford it.

This program allows for people who fit in this criteria to be eligible for a discounted rate for the Initial Nutrition Intake Consultation, which would normally cost $150. The reduced rate for people who qualify for the Income-Based Wellness Program will be $37.50.

Follow-up Sessions would normally cost $37.50, and people who qualify will get follow-ups for $7 per visit.

Compliance is required or visits will be automatically terminated. No excuses will be accepted.

You must qualify for this program to get the reduced cost. Last 4 weeks of pay-stubs.



Family Size                 Income     Initial Visit             Follow-up

1-2                            < $1,200        $37.50                    $7

3                               < $1,400        $37.50                    $7

Military/Veteran Auto- Qualify         $37.50                    $7

The initial Nutrition Intake Consultation is geared to provide a customized plan for your personal lifestyle needs. 

*NOTE: This assessment will be monitored under the direct supervision of a licensed nutrition/dietitian. The supervisor will be monitoring all sessions at all times when any nutrition information is discussed in relation to disease. Please see the footer of the website to retrieve license or certification information.

It provides an in-depth 90-minute Medical Nutrition Therapy "1:1" consult, which reviews:

  •  your full intake questionnaire

  • finds your level of nutritional education

  • implements goal planning

  • review meal plan

  • review program options

...while still leaving room for questions.

This meeting requires a referral from your physician. The referral can be downloaded and printed at this link.