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Heart disease, cancer, and stroke are the country's three leading causes of death, even though billions of dollars are spent each year to battle these very conditions. millions of people are suffering from degenerative diseases, people are taking more and more pharmaceuticals every day. The statistics that this movie reveals are unreal. Could it be there's a single solution to all of these problems? Doctors reveal the truth, consumers speak about their experiences with illness, and patients talk about how diet has reversed their disease states. This is hands down one of the best nutrition documentaries I have ever viewed. Learn how practitioners say you can literally reverse disease by just  eating.


Forks Over Knives [Trailer]. (2011). Retrieved September 27th, 2019, from

Trying to transform your health? Could the foods we are eating actually be keeping us stuck in the diet trap? This movie says that the foods we eat are not real foods anymore, that we are eating created man-made products, we are eating more sugar than ever, and that marketing is allowed to manipulate and deceive us into eating this way without discipline. They talk about the trap of food addictions, how people that have lived it are able to finally see the truth while revealing the hidden secrets of certain industries. This film reveals the truth about what food really is, the disturbing secrets of the food industry, and how weight loss companies and large food production companies don't want us to know.


Hungry For Change [Trailer]. (2012). Retrieved September 28, 2019, from

What would you do if you found out your healthy foods contain loads of sugar? Sugar is one of the most addictive substances on this earth and some say it is 3 times more addictive than cocaine itself. Fructose and sugar may have a role to play in how our bodies respond to weight gain and the storage of fat. This film says that any type of sugar, no matter what it is an effect on your health and how you generally feel. When I first kicked sugar, I will say I had an immense amount of clearness in my way of thinking and feelings. I suggest this movie be purchased and watched by any people that feel they must have sugar in order to go on through the day. 


That Sugar Film [Trailer]. (2014). Retrieved September 27, 2019, from

This film documents the experience of eating fast food and the effects it has on human health. "Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food," Hippocrates once quoted. This film speaks about the disease and how most of our current conditions are coming from the foods we are eating today. They speak of genetically modified foods, pesticides being sprayed on our foods, the foods being engineered to spark our taste buds and feel-good hormones. Food Matters reveals the truth on how we seek medicines to relieve these symptoms, instead of just doing the simplest solutiion and changing the foods we eat. 


Food Matters [Trailer]. (2008). Retrieved September 28, 2019, from


Globesity: Fats New Frontier [Trailer]. (2015). Retrieved September 28, 2019, from

The world is getting very fat, very quickly, and companies from America are going into famished countries and persuading them to feed our foods to their own people as a means to prevent world hunger. American foods are full of preservatives and chemicals and are genetically engineered. It is clear that most of these foods are causing weight gain and disease. Countries that once were famished are now the world's most obese countries. What? Say that again! That's right, America's food is the culprit, they say. This film reveals the shocking truth about the explosion of worldwide obesity! A must watch to get to the truth.

This movie is great. When I first watched it, I wasn't sure what message the filmmakers were trying to send out. After watching the world leaders in nutrition be interviewed and discuss clinical studies, proof of harmful products, and why they still choose to sell them and promote them, I was astonished. Not taking sides, I realized however, this film exposes what some organizations don't want you to see. Kip Andersen interviews physicians and other individuals regarding diet and health. He examines the alleged connection between the meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as various health organizations. 


What The Health [Trailer]. (2018). Retrieved October 29, 2019, from

Financial gain, dishonest conduct, and horrible health outcomes of today's food industry. Globally the way we mass-produced foods is unreal. The way they slaughter animals is inhuman and real farmers and being bullied out of the industry. More and more foods are inorganic and animals are being caged and abused, living in their own feces; at our hunger expense. Illness is spreading faster than ever and no one is right. Are they all dirty? 

This film reveals behind the scenes about how our food is really produced, exposing the fraud and corruption on a global scale.


Rotten [Trailer]. (2017). Retrieved September 28, 2019, from

How many statistics on worldwide disease states and other facts on food and obesity do we need before we take nutrition seriously? Watching this film blows the lid off everything we thought we knew about food and weight loss. The children of this film really give us a perspective of what is really going on in the world. I highly recommend teens who are suffering from obesity watch this film. This film reveals how the US government amongst other governments are okay with the food industry misleading and confusing the American public. America suffers from the largest health epidemics in history. I'm FED up too! Learn how to change the way you think about food forever!


Fed Up - [Trailer]. (2014). Retrieved September 27, 2019, from

When I watched this movie I was surprised. I was surprised that there were doctors willing to speak the truth about the disease in relation to food. A woman goes on to share her story of how changing her diet changed her life, but also helped her family misfortunes in disease as well. This movie reveals hidden ingredients contributing to our poor health outcomes along with diseases and disorders are affecting millions of people worldwide. I recommend this film be purchased for the amount it is sold for, it is virtually inexpensive for the information we learn, this way we can focus on eliminating the real foods contributing to poor health.


Secret Ingredients [Trailer]. (2019). Retrieved October 28, 2019, from

Filmmakers investigated the connection between the meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries, and try to justify their theory that eating meat and dairy products results in serious health consequences. The way we eat goes unnoticed, and by the time we realize that we are nearly dead is about the time we realize we wanna do something about our health. Overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe Cross was at the end of his rope and the end of his hope, but he decided to change his life and travel across the country to help try and change the world!


Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead [Trailer]. (2011). Retrieved September 28, 2019, from


A Place at the Table [Trailer]. (2013). Retrieved September 26, 2019, from

This film talks about hunger in a country with massive amounts of food. How do the children of America actually go hungry? And why are parents struggling to keep them nourished? We are a nation that has no famine, but millions go hungry every day. This movie dives into government programs, how the people of America are forced to buy foods that are not nourishing, while our nation's health is neglected and our citizens are being starved. With society's issues at play and with massive amounts of processed food, this documentary explores incidents of hunger experienced by millions.

This film dives into debates. The council constantly reviews global warming, farming, media and marketing of foods and how this affects millions all over the world. Kip Andersen reveals the truth about our food industry, the truth about sustainability, and the truth about changing our diet. These are the things that we are not discussing. These debates discuss animal life, plant life, and life of our world. I recommend this movie to those that would like to see first hand how the council and members of parliament discuss and debate real issues on how animal agriculture creates sustainability issues in the world, that no one wants to discuss on the news. 


Cowspiracy [Movie]. (2015). Retrieved September 28, 2019, from What is going here? We often ask ourselves is our food safe to eat? Frankensteer Passionate Eye is a film that explores the controversies of how America mass produces our food. However, not just any food. We look at the dairy and meat industries. This movie explores antibiotics being put in our animals and chemicals they feed them before slaughter, how our animals are treated during slaughter and mass production, what they feed our animals versus what our animals are naturally meant to eat, and how other countries dispute our ways here in America.


Frankensteer Passionate Eye [Movie]. (2016). Retrieved September 28, 2019, from

This film exposes the effects of our typical Western diet on our health, the environment, and animals we feed. How the food choices we make affect our world itself. The clear cut message is, "what we do really matters." Statistics are reviewed of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Experts and physicians review that our lifestyles are the reason we are in the position we are in today. Plant-based news is the best news and the meat and dairy industry go out of their way to market their products on us that are casuing diseases.


What You Eat Matters [Movie]. (2018). Retrieved September 28, 2019, from






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