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Pumpkin Soup

Our Faith

People living with autoimmune disease, trauma, and below-average income face significant lifestyle challenges. That's why True Paleo Inc embraces principles that support medical nutrition therapy, lifestyle recovery, and food insecurity. Many of our principles resonate with indigenous living and don't adhere to one specific religious view. We firmly believe in individual autonomy, the right to personal belief systems and cultural perspectives that will provide the tools for a sustainable lifestyle, while fostering physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual growth.

Across various tribes and contemporary societies, the recognition of a divine higher power remains a shared belief, while the wisdom of holistic nutritional choices underscores the path to improved health. These principles weave a tapestry of interconnected elements, echoing the profound link between individual well-being and the harmonious rhythms of nature.

Friends in Nature

The 9 Principles of Life

Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Food Is Medicine: Valuing nature and the understanding healing properties provided by Earth, such as plants, meat sources, and water, provide nourishment to prolong life. 

  • Movement and Vitality: Embracing the inherent connection of engaging in dance, exercise, walking, and other forms of physical activity as a means to nurture vitality, promote well-being, and harmonize the energies that flow within us.

Lifestyle Recovery   

  • Supreme Divine Power: Recognizing the existence of a supreme divine power greater than us, which guides the universe and all life within it, without interference with one's free will to make their own choices.

  • Transcendental Revelation: Ability to experience the mystical journey of personal revelation, which acts as a path to self-reliance and divine understanding of our place in the universe, and the ultimate transformative shift from blindness to profound clarity.

  • Purposeful Path: Understanding that each individual has a unique purpose within the grand design of existence and walks their own path.

  • Inner Divinity: Acknowledging the ability to unconditionally love yourself and all others, leading to a deeper connection and fostering personal growth.

  • Harmony: Happiness is what we make of it, be grateful for the here and now, and think positive.

  • Self-Empowerment: Recognizing that each individual possesses the innate ability to heal themselves, and several of holistic approaches, such as meditation, energy healing, breathing, fasting, and other self-empowering practices, can act as pathways to recovery and balance. 

Food Insecurity

  • Nourishing Equality and Abundance: Acknowledging that access to nourishing food is a fundamental right for all individuals. This principle stands as a testament to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Core Values

Evidence-Based Practices

Creating content and forming strategies based on thorough research and data analysis, rather than relying solely on assumptions or opinions.


Empowerment Through Knowledge

We believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives. As a cornerstone of our mission, we are dedicated to providing free and accessible resources that empower individuals to make informed health decisions. By equipping our community with the information they need, we foster a culture of self-advocacy, enabling each person to navigate their unique health journey with confidence and clarity.

Advocacy for Lifestyle Recovery

Demonstrating compassion and understanding towards individuals facing autoimmune challenges, complex trauma, and financial limitations to provide the support they need for effective change.

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