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Our Institutional Review Board

True Paleo Inc. has established an Institutional Review Board (IRB) that oversees the research conducted by the EatitUP Research League. The primary role of our IRB is to review and approve studies involving human subjects submitted by investigators volunteering for our organization.


The IRB's main objective is to safeguard the rights and well-being of research participants by ensuring that approved research aligns with ethical guidelines, federal regulations, state law, IRB policies and procedures, and industry best practices.


The IRB plays a critical role in upholding the highest standards of research ethics. It meticulously evaluates research proposals to ensure they align with the aforementioned criteria and only approves studies that meet these rigorous standards. This scrutiny aims to protect the rights, safety, and privacy of individuals who volunteer to participate in research.


Researchers affiliated with the EatitUP Research League are accountable for conducting their studies with the utmost ethical conduct, adhering to their approved protocols, and complying with the rules, regulations, and policies set forth by the IRB. This collaborative effort between researchers and the IRB guarantees that research involving human subjects is conducted ethically, with a steadfast commitment to participant welfare.


For investigators and researchers wanting to join our mission, please see the research volunteer page.

Diversity Amongst Board Members

The IRB comprising seven esteemed members. Our IRB embodies a commitment to diversity and inclusion, as it consists of a balanced representation of expertise, backgrounds, and perspectives. Among the board members, there are five female and two male members, ensuring gender parity. Furthermore, we prioritize inclusivity by having four non-affiliated members, fostering impartiality and independent oversight.

To uphold our dedication to diversity, the collective expertise of our board members encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including clinical nutrition, psychology, recovery, divinity, and primary research. This diversity of knowledge and experience allows for comprehensive evaluations and considerations in the ethical review of research involving human subjects, while promoting research excellence within the fields of clinical nutrition.


  1. Dr. Jasmine Blake Hollywood, Chair - Scientific

  2. Miriam Whitfield, CoChair - Scientific

  3. Dr. Monique Smith, Non Affiliate - Non Scientific

  4. Dr. Leandro Pucci, Non Affiliate - Non Scientific

  5. Nicole Feerhery-Alpuerto, Scientific

  6. Misbash Ajar, Non Affiliate - Non Scientific

  7. Dr. Al Hasibuzzaman, Non Affiliate, Scientific

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