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What is Spiritual Wellness? The Food Bond

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

What is Spiritual Wellness?

In the six dimensions of wellness, spirituality is the one dimension that searches for meaning and purpose. [2]. However, the Tantric religion describes spiritual wellness as mastering thought and connecting to the Casual body, which is the 5th dimension of science. [3]. Both are rather important, but this blog post will focus on the six dimensions of wellness by Hettler. [2].

How is Eating a Spiritual Act?

Food should cause us to feel like it has a purpose within us. This is how I relate eating food to being a spiritual act. I believe essentially for eating to be meaningful to our spirit, it means to develop an unfathomable appreciation for what we are putting into our bodies. Thus, our feelings for food should have a purpose.

For example, I love broccoli. When I eat it, I understand that not only does it provide me the energy to live and breathe, but I appreciate the taste as well. Every bite brings me to a place where other things cannot bring me to, and I feel peace harmony within me. Its very existence has meaning. It has its own personality of vitamins and minerals that are transferred from itself to me, and I am not afraid to eat it. I respect it as food, and I am thankful for it.

Food and the Spiritual Connection

Eating and food should not only be appreciated, but it should be recognized as having it is also a special type of energetic connection. When you eat food, it is part of the cycle of energy that we have in this world. This cycle connects to all. [3]. You take energy in, and you put energy out. It circles around and creates life. You should be aware that this energy is flowing into your body at all times of the day and accept it, and utilize it. However, regardless of the amount of energy that is eaten, spiritual wellness and utilization of the energy is something only some of us are completely aware of and this must be developed.


Although most of us only have some awareness and some only have awareness with certain types of food, we need to train and develop ourselves to experience spiritual wellness with all the foods we eat. Building awareness helps us appreciate food and utilize is energy properly. Awareness can grow in time with a preserve of intrinsic motivation. [2]. Intrinsic motivation is having real self-motivation, not persuade motivation. Its means is to have a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of a particular thing. That is what makes us motivated.

By using awareness to understand the kind of energy that can be provided when these foods are ingested, we can enrich our spiritual knowledge. The goal is to appreciate the purpose of the meal being eaten, and as we are mindful, we’ll find the connection. Complete awareness and finding a bond is essential in the importance of the relationship between us and our food.

A Nutritionist, a Client, and their Spiritual Bond to Food

As practitioners, it is essential to value relationships between ourselves and food, while maintaining a bond. Some people get sketchy or nervous around nutritionists because they think they are judgmental. The truth is we are honest. This is because with people who love nutrition, their bond with food is so intense. We are aware of what each food entails and the type of energy each species provides our bodies. In addition, knowing our food and the importance of each species is imperative to our work with clients. Plus, it helps us help our clients more effectively.

Our goal is to help our clients remain emotionally positive and enthusiastic throughout their visits. However, our main goal while assisting them is helping them make their spiritual connection with food. Some clients may not have this connection at first and are far from this point in spiritual wellness. The intense bond nutritionists have with their client aids in the ability to teach it to them. Besides, in order to teach it, we ourselves need to know its nourishing capacity completely. Therefore, everyone needs a spiritual bond to food.

Spreading the Spiritual Food Bond throughout all the Dimensions

Nourishing our client's body with nutritious foods and helping them build relationships with their meals, should not just be spiritual. It should also be a mixture of all the dimensions. [2]. These dimensions include the physical dimension, the occupational dimension, the emotional dimension, the intellectual dimension, and the social dimension. [2]. These dimensions are also directly connected to food and how we chose our meals in every-day-life. [2]. With control of all the dimensions, we can build a solid foundation. [2]. Besides, spiritual wellness is the master dimension. [2;3]. If we master the spiritual dimension, and the spiritual dimension is the dimension of the flow energy, a positive flow of energy will flow within us. [2;3]. This, in turn, will help us to develop all the dimensions and then the other dimensions will be easier to overcome.

Our Stories Define Who We Are

Lastly, stories help define the path of each individual. We should dig deep within ourselves to hear these stories because they are the spiritual path of the person. By listening, we can determine where individuals lack strength in each of the six dimensions. [2]. These stories actually give us a deeper understanding of the individual telling the story and where they see themselves. Even if they are blind to where they stand in their path, this is a way for us to help them understand where they are.

Understanding the story is a way to help individuals overcome their internal feelings of fear, doubt, despair, and biased beliefs. These feelings are extremely important to be aware of when practicing spiritual wellness from any viewpoint and one should learn to recognize these feelings. Also, as health practitioners, we can aid people in understanding the meaning of their lives and teach them to appreciate the value their lives has brought to them. Thus, having a spiritual relationship with food can enable us to learn appreciation and link us to the ultimate path that will keep us moving forward in a positive, relaxed manner.


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