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What is Spontaneous Remission? The Thyroid-Body-Mind Connection

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What is Spontaneous Remission?

Spontaneous remission is referred to as spontaneous healing or the sudden reversal of a disease state, for unexpected reasons. [4]. This can be an entire disease state, a temporary disease state, or part of a disease state. [4]. People explain this phenomenon as a cure that comes without warning, and they say this is due to a connection between the body and the mind. [6].

The main theory behind spontaneous remission is that people seem to have a strong mindset over the matter at hand. This is also known as mind-over-matter. Essentially, it is the state of how we perceive wellness. Usually, people perceive it physically, but spontaneous remission happens when people begin to view it metaphysically. [6].

Spontaneous remission is being able to heal without medicine or when the administration of a medication is unsuccessful. [4].


Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that dates back to the beginning of our existence. [8]. It was one of the first ways of looking at philosophy before the modern world gave philosophy a definition. It means to think from your own perspective. It has also been described as viewing your life from your own view of reality. [8].

In connection, we can only assume that spontaneous remission is due to the strong feelings of seeing ourselves in a state of perfect health. This means in our reality if we think we are healed or are getting better, then most likely we will get better. Therefore, spontaneous remission is a metaphysical phenomenon occurring when we feel most certain about our state of well-being.

Human Dimensions of Existence

The human being has different states within the body called dimensions. The dimensions can be identified as astral dimensions. These dimensions are categorized as physical, emotional, and mental. Through the concept of metaphysics and the concept of the universal energy of astral planes; we can access these dimensions and strengthen their connections to each other. Once they are strengthened, our view of reality becomes free from outside influences. [8].

Outside influences affect the relationship between the way we view reality. [8]. In other words, it affects how we view mind-over-matter. Outside influences are considered obstacles, other peoples opinions, and unexpected situations. When faced with these influences, we tend to become unbalanced in how we perceive things. Thus, what ends up happening is our dimensions fall out of alignment.

The perfect connection of the human body's dimensions to the spiritual dimension is considered balanced alignment. Essentially, the 3rd and 4th dimensions of human existence are connected perfectly with the 5th dimension of human existence. If these connections are manipulated in any way, for example by outside influences, then the reality we know will also be manipulated.

Connecting Disease to the Metaphysical Perspectives

Unity with the universe or with divine energy is known as being one with ourselves or transcendent. In this state, a person is able to control the matter of the situation with the mind. Hence, the reality of their life is completely within their control. [2]. If a person can do this, then they are considered to be a master of dimensions.

People can master dimensions by practicing yoga, meditation, or balancing the energy centers within them. [2]. A number of physical parts of the human body are connected to energy centers. [2]. Through practices of choosing nutritious meals and clean eating, along with mastering their dimensions, one is said to be to achieve spontaneous remission.

Mastering Dimensions

  1. The state of disease can be connected through the Physical body or what some people call the lower physical dimension. [7]. In this dimension, the disease now exists.

  2. We humans feel disease and the effects of the disease process within our bodies and cells. [7]. When we feel this we are considered to be in the Etheric body or what some people call the upper physical dimension. [7]. This is the dimension of feeling physical trauma.

  3. The physical dimension and emotional dimension connect. This reason is that pain and touch can influence how we feel emotionally. [7]. This is considered to be the Astral body or what some people call the lower emotional dimension. [7].

  4. The astral body connects to the Emotional body or what some people call the upper emotional dimension. [7].

  5. The emotional dimension and mental dimension connect by how we shape our mental thoughts. [7]. This is considered being the Mental body or what some people call the mental dimension. [7].

  6. However, if one can master thought, they can connect with the Casual body or what some people call the spiritual dimension or 5th dimension. [7]. This can lead to unity with the divine energy. [2;7].

The 5th Chakra

Chakras are the energy center points of the human body. When balanced properly they are what connects the physical foremost dimensions to the divine spiritual dimension. In my theory, the 5th chakra draws energy from the indigo center and the green center, and then it combines the two wavelengths. Thus, the combination creates the color cyan of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The 5th chakra, identified as the Throat chakra, controls communication (i.e. listening and speaking). [2]. When completely balanced, it combines intuition and knowledge (indigo) with the desires of the heart (green) and is able to completely express through effective communication. Thus, a completely balanced 5th chakra will enable confident communication to others of one's learned truths; the value of the knowledge one has gained from others, and the importance of listening; and fulfillment in expressing one's desires along with strong intuition. [2].

The 5th chakra has a significant role in dream control and lucid dreaming is said to be a significant predictor of either the 5th chakra being successfully balanced. [2].

Spontaneous Remission of Thyroid Disease

Williams is a nurse who touches base on metaphysical considerations in a research article that focuses on holistic medicine. [9]. He also makes it appoint how a certain endocrine disease state called thyroid disease and chakra systems are metaphysically related. [9]. Williams and two other practitioners that are reviewed in the literature have observed and documented positive results with successful remission in thyroid disorders with holistic practices. [9].

The 5th Chakra and the Thyroid

In the endocrine system, the 5th chakra represents the thyroid gland. [2]. The thyroid hormone regulates growth and maturity by producing thyroid hormone [2]. It also regulates metabolism and energy regulation. When this chakra is imbalanced a person can often experience the following issues:

  • Problems with the expression of feelings

  • Thyroid disease

  • Hearing problems

  • Gums or teeth issues

  • Shoulder and neck problems

  • Overly talkative or expressive of opinions or points

  • Under attentive to listening to others

  • Fear of speaking or poor speaking abilities

The 5th Chakra and the Dimensions

The 5th chakra connects the physical body by taking the energy of the indigo center and the green center and balancing the energy to a center point of the throat.

The physical body connects to the emotional body when someone can take what their heart desires and express it. Therefore, they connect via communication. [2].

The emotional body connects to the mental body when someone feels strong enough to express their knowledge that they have learned through listening, truthfully. Therefore, they connect via fluid thought. [2].

The mental body opens up the spiritual body when a person follows their intuition and finds value in knowledge.

How the Thyroid Relates to Chakra Dysfunction

In the article, Williams wrote, that he tries to connect the major 7 chakras to different disease states in the body. Specifically, he goes into detail in this article about how thyroid disorders sit in the same place as the 5th chakra. [9]. A way he does this is by describing how we stress the throat chakra by the inability to self express the truth about how we feel when it comes to decision making and freedom of choice. [9].

Interestingly, the author reviews an additional practitioner who works with metaphysical levels of the disease manifestation. [9]. He touches base on how this practitioner describes clients that have thyroid conditions, that they often experienced feelings of powerlessness, which means they cannot express their true desires. [9]. Or, they often feel they need mental empowerment, which means their thoughts are out of alignment. [9]. This practitioner also dives deep into mental wellness by looking into dimensions of spiritual, emotional, and mental disparities.

He concludes the dysfunction of the 5th chakra is disrupted because:

  1. A person cannot express what they desire nor the knowledge they gained. In other words, what we really feel in the heart is not what we really say or do and the intuitive mechanism can make it hard to make decisions. [9]. We are not being true to ourselves. [9].

  2. They fear being themselves, possibly fear rejection, or do not know how to express what they feel when appropriate. This person will struggle to align the heart (green) with the third-eye of the mind (indigo). [9].

  3. Sometimes a person will speak the truth harshly.

  4. This person finds no value in listening to what others have to say.

A 5th chakra dysfunction or thyroid disorder can abruptly happen when we hold in feelings. The indigo center and green center energy points become disconnected. A person can refuse to listen when necessary, overexpress at the wrong times, or say what they think people want to hear to make them happy.

Spontaneous Remission in Thyroid Patients

Spontaneous remission has occurred in patients with many diseases. Fortunately, there is clinical evidence that can prove this. In chapter 12 of Spontaneous Remission: An Annotated Bibliography, they list 22 cases of logged successful remission of endocrine diseases. [3]. Also, one particular case states that a woman on medication with thyroid disease was unsuccessful until she implemented yoga and nutritional lifestyle changes. [1]. Additionally, there is scientific proof that we can heal ourselves. [5]. If we can change the reality of what we feel by using the energy within us to strengthen our energy center connections and eat nutritious foods, we can be successful at inducing spontaneous remission.


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