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Food Donation Volunteers

Organizational Overview


True Paleo, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) company that provides a variety of charitable Paleo-based resources for disease management and prevention, lifestyle recovery, and food insecurity.


We contribute complimentary:

  1. Medical nutrition therapy services to support disease management 

  2. Support groups emphasizing body-mind-spirit health care techniques to sustain lifestyle recovery

  3. Nutritious holiday dinners to support food insecurity


We further educate the community of NEW and established research on the Paleo diet and body-mind-spirit practices through speaking engagements.


We serve indigent residents of the Tampa Bay area who have no other resources for their healthcare needs, who face food insecurity, who are diagnosed with autoimmune and endocrine diseases, who have alcohol dependence/substance use problems, and who've acquired trauma from lived C-PTSD. 



Medical nutrition therapy should be responsive to a variety of client needs, and there is a large gap in the health industry in offering holistic lifestyle recovery methods for people who suffer from traumatic lifestyles leading to chronic disease and addiction. Discover Your Greatest Self’s programs and resources are designed to improve client health status, promote self sufficiency, and to improve nutritional purchase choices. We are solutions focused and our programs are created to exceed the community standards for nutritional care.


Services We Offer


Integrating Nutritional Healthcare into Chronic Disease Prevention 

Incorporates professional medical nutrition therapy (evaluation, counseling, and treatment) for individuals with chronic diseases, such as autoimmune diseases, endocrine diseases, and mental health illnesses. Nutrition specialties are listed below:


Autoimmune Diseases

Hashimoto’s, Graves’, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. 


Endocrine Diseases

Obesity related to diabetes or thyroid disease.


Mental Illnesses

Alcohol dependence/substance use disorder and C-PTSD.

On a smaller scale, we aim to help the following:

  • Nutrition for Traumatic brain injury (TBI) from lived C-PTSD.

  • Body-mind-spirit practices and nutrition for Dissociative Localized Amnesia Disorder.

  • Body-mind-spirit practices and nutrition for OCPD.

  • Homeless individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder gain food security.

  • Body-mind-spirit practices and nutrition for understanding and managing Emotional Eating


  • In-person when requested for scheduling in advance. 

  • Virtual visits using secure Zoom platform, scheduled accordingly.

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