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Wellness Books Charity Drive

When you donate to the Wellness Books Charity Drive, your donation helps fund the lifestyle recovery initiative, thereby contributing to the Lifestyle Recovery program. When you donate just $14.97, YOU can help someone receive this FREE life transforming training.


Did you know?

1 of 3 women will face abuse before the age of 19 years old and 3 of 5 will be subject to childhood trauma. Individuals with 4 or more negative life events are at a significantly higher risk for eating disorders, chronic health diseases, mental health conditions, and substance abuse. 


  • Florida currently ranks number 1 for residents with the highest prevalence of substance use disorder, and in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area 23.2% binged on alcohol, while13.9% used illicit drugs in the last year.

  • Florida is the 10th highest ranking for states not meeting the treatment needs of individuals with mental health illnesses.

  • 1/3 of Florida's population suffers from endocrine diseases (diabetes and thyroid disease).

  • 38% of the Florida state population are overweight.


True Paleo Inc. provides nutritional strategies and recovery support tools to individuals with substance use and mental health disorders to aid in healing trauma. As a nonprofit organization aimed at helping the community, we provide the Lifestyle Recovery program, which provides nutritional education encompassing complex trauma and extreme stress, chemical dependency, and behavioral lifestyle change.

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