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Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders

What is Autoimmune Thyroid Disease?

Autoimmune Thyroid, also referred to as AITD or ATD, is ultimately an imbalance of the immune system attacking thyroid cells, which causes an effect of how fast or how slow the body will metabolize energy. It's an uncontrolled change in caloric balance and the result is an imbalance of metabolism affecting energy utilization.


In the nutrition world, we call this:

  • Hypermetabolism; an increase in energy needs

  • Hypometabolism; a decrease in energy needs

In the medical world, physicians will diagnose an autoimmune thyroid disease as:

  • Graves' Disease; hyperthyroidism

  • Hashimoto's Thyroiditis; hypothyroidism


Both conditions result in severe inflammation of the thyroid and each are affected by different antibody attacks. 

  1. The medication prescribed most in the USA is thyroid medication. 

  2. 1:10 women get thyroid disease.

  3. Patients are 2x more likely to get autoimmune thyroid disease than subclinical thyroid disease.  

Did You Know?

Here's Why You Need DYGS!

Nutritional balancing and specific lifestyle behaviors (while experiencing these conditions) can help replenish:


  • Energy imbalances

  • Digestive imbalances

  • Caloric imbalances

  • Lifestyle imbalances

  • Electrolyte and water imbalances

  • Detoxification imbalances

Successfully manage your condition and lifestyle, and achieve recovery by utilizing healthy lifestyle practices.