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What is Low Carb?

Low Carb Dieting and Thyroid

A "Low" Carb Diet  (LCD) or a "Very Low" Carb Diet (VLCD) is a lifestyle that is low in specific carb type foods. Low carb diets have less than <26% carbs and very low carb diets have less than <10% carbs. Both "low" and "very low" carb diets take away the high resistant starch carbs and replaces them with healthy sources of carbs, fat, or proteins. Essentially, a "very low" carb diet is considered the Ketogenic Diet! While the "low" carb diet is just considered low carb. The difference between each diet all depends on which types of carbs you consume and how much


There is a special ratio of carbohydrates for people with thyroid disease. Discover Your Greatest Self uses low carb diet strategies to implement positive lifestyle changes for hyperthyroid and hypothyroid clients, instead of very low carb strategies. This is because low carb diets tend to improve gut, immune, and thyroid health, while very low carb diets can actually be worse for thyroid disease. Although low carb diets improve thyroid health, improving gut and immune health ultimately aids in improvement in thyroid metabolism and endocrine function. 


The low carb lifestyle usually excludes certain foods like grains, legumes, bread, sweets, pasta, and most starchy vegetables. This often due to the reason that they are loaded with toxic chemicals used during farming, cultivation, and processing. Also, part of the reason is that these foods are considered high resistant starch foods. High resistant starch food generally is great, but people with thyroid disease can often be sensitive or have intolerances to specific high resistant starch foods. Some high resistant starch foods have specific molecular structures that can interfere with thyroid functions and some contain certain plant chemicals that can disrupt thyroid function.

The purpose of a low carb diet, regardless of which one you choose, is to teach people to eat foods with necessary nutrients and to eat fewer foods that are processed, refined, and pasteurized where the nutrients would normally be lost in production. It takes time to learn this method and how it works in relation to thyroid nutrition. However, once you understand it, you will never look at food the same again!

What is the Confident CAGED Protocol?

The Confident CAGED Protocol is a program designed specifically for people who have been diagnosed with Graves' disease or Hashimoto's Thyroiditis by their physician.


CAGED stands for: the food Choices we make Affect our Gut health, Energy metabolism, and Detoxing systems.

CAGED also has an underlying meaning as well. It stands for the way people with autoimmune thyroid disease feel. Most feel trapped inside their bodies and have no control over their health or lives. Thus, making their quality of life poor. Breaking free from the cage can be done in 7 steps. People who follow these rules throughout their lives will have an enhanced quality of life.

The Confident CAGED Protocol focuses on 4 key areas. These areas are focusing on the body's detoxification systems, focusing on low carb strategies, focusing on behavioral lifestyle changes, and focusing on gut health concepts. These key areas are what make the Confident CAGED Protocol an effective supportive intervention in the management of autoimmune thyroid conditions.

How the Confident CAGED Protocol Works

Discover Your Greatest Self's Confident CAGED Protocol is designed to balance insulin sensitivity, rebalance the body's detox mechanisms, reduce stress, rebalance electrolytes, strengthen and help promote repairing in the gut, reduce inflammation, aid in weight complications, balance cognitive function, and provide essential nutrients. The body will receive a lower amount of poor-quality carbs (low carb), a higher amount of high-quality foods (high specific types of phyonutrients), and a modified balance of macronutrients (hormone boosting threshold). The perfect ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients for your body type will help provide the organ systems with the building blocks they need to lower inflammation, reduce free radicals, get stronger, and work more productively. 

What are the Benefits of a LCD?

Prevents, Improves, and Reverses Insulin Resistance 

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Improve Cardiometabolic Function and Reduce Inflammation


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Enhances Weight Loss​

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Improve Autoimmune, Thyroid, and Metabolic Conditions

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Success Story Articles of LCD

‘When I Went On A Low-Carb Diet And Started Counting Calories, I Lost 153 Pounds Naturally’


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Man loses over 300 pounds on a low-carb diet, says “If I can do this, anyone can”

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